Benefits of Lowen Certification

Benefits of becoming Lowen Certified:

  • Opportunity to join the Lowen Installation Alliance, which awards millions of dollars in contracts annually.
  • Industry recognition in having passed the highest standard of testing in the industry.
  • The only program in the industry where the certification stays with you, not the company.
  • Test for your 3M Preferred Installerâ„¢ Designation with the same test as Lowen Certified
  • We will forward your results to 3M for evaluation.
  • Deep discounts on products/printing manufactured by Lowen. Lowen TradeSourceâ„¢
  • Warranty assistance with 3M. Lowen will assist you in warranty claim situations.
  • Deep discounts on Mac Tools.
  • Tech support via our expert staff.

Benefits of becoming 3M Preferred:

  • The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Designation is the highest awarded certification in the industry and big-name brands are starting to take notice.
  • More clients are asking for 3M Preferred Graphics installers as they understand that those who pass the 3M Preferred Graphics test, are ready for any installation that comes their way.

*3M testing is incorporated within the Lowen Tests, however 3M must approve your application in order for you to get your 3M certification.