Program Overview

All of our training and certification programs take place at our state-of-the-art Lowen Training and Certification Center in Hutchinson, KS. This 19,000 sq.ft. facility boasts hands on training stations for vinyl installation in all applications, as well as, classroom training covering all manner of vinyl installation techniques. The Certification program is managed by industry expert Dennis Shea.

Our training facility has 10 stations for thorough hands-on vinyl graphics training. These 10 stations will provide training with these installations listed below:

  • Car and vehicle wraps with compound complex curves
  • Work vehicle installation with compound complex curves
  • Trailer or fleet wraps including corrugated trailers and flat trailers with rivets
  • Pre-Spaced lettering installation
  • Brick wall or common block wall installation
  • Rough wall or mosaic wall installation with grout lines
  • Wall graphic installation with 3M wall adhesion test kit
  • Floor Graphics on a sealed concrete floor
  • Marine or boat graphic installation (not included in hands-on test)

Lowen has worked closely with 3M to create the first 3M Preferred Graphic Installers program specifically for the installer. The Lowen Certified Training and Certification Center is also the largest facility with the most advanced technology, the most experienced trainers, and the most respected program for the individual installer.

3M Commercial Graphics has partnered with Lowen Certified to offer the same test to those interested in getting their Lowen Certification and their 3M Preferred Graphics Installers designation in taking the single test.

The demand for 3M Preferred Graphics installers has grown tremendously over the last few years and more and more companies are aware of the reputation and skill level that it takes in order to be a 3M Preferred Graphics installer. Because of this, Lowen Color Graphics has created an entire National Preferred Installers Network that assists Lowen customers with installations and removals for their graphics program.

Once you’ve passed the Lowen Certified and 3M Preferred Graphics Installation test you’re ready to move forward with your graphics installation career. You will be invited to be a part of the installer network at Lowen Color Graphics. This network awards millions of dollars in contracts to highly skilled graphics installers each year. If you or your company would like to be a part of that, the first step to take is to pass your Lowen Certified test. Whether you’re an independent graphics installer, or you’re working in a wrap shop, the Lowen Certified and 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Designation offers you and your shop more opportunities.

Lowen Certified graphics installers also receive wholesale prices on printed graphics through our Lowen TradeSource™ program, as well as discounted tools and supplies.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities, sign up for your training or testing class today!

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*Passing Lowen's test does not automatically qualify you for a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation; 3M Corporation regulates and awards this designation at their discretion. However, Lowen's testing includes the basic 3M requirements for the designation. The information is then passed on to 3M for approval.