Graphic Installers Kit


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+ $20 in savings when you order the Graphics installer kit

+ All necessary tools available in the tool pack

+ Includes cargo bag


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The Graphic Installers Kit includes all the tools necessary in order to complete the installation job. The kit includes:
* Lowen Certified Graphic Installer's Cargo Bag
* A Utility Pouch
* Utility Tool Belt
* SprayMaster Chemical Spray Bottle
* Blue Felt Edge Squeegee
* Hard Plastic Squeegee
* Rectangle Felt Pad
* Crescent Moon-Shaped Felt Pad
* 2 Lil Chizlers
* OLFA Steel Breakaway Knife
* OLFA Blade Disposable Case
* Pointed Tweezers
* Retractable Air Release Tool
* Rivet Brush
* Magic Pad
* Zippy Cutting Tool
* Glass Scraper
* China Marker Set
* Seamstress Tape Measure
* Center Point Tape Measure
* RollePro Installation Tool
* Wrap Gloves
* Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

This kit is more than a $20 savings when ordered together. If you're looking for a kit that will get you through the Lowen Certified/3M Preferred test prep classes or Certification, this is the kit for you! For other graphics installers, this is a great replacement pack or a way to help you get jump started.

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