Why Lowen Certified?

Lowen Certified offers small classes, which means more one-on-one training with our 3M Preferred Graphics Installation instructors and more hands-on experience. Our modules are the same modules you’ll test with during the Lowen Certified test so you know exactly what to expect. Training at Lowen Certified is your first step toward becoming a Lowen Certified Installer, which provides professional installers many benefits not found in lesser certification programs.

In addition to the respect and recognition that come with passing the demanding testing program, you will be a part of the Lowen Installation Alliance, our national installer network. Lowen contracts millions of dollars annually in installation jobs throughout North America. Being a part of this network gives you the opportunity to bid on our installation programs.

As an added bonus, Lowen is making available to Lowen Certified members discounted pricing on all of our product lines. This gives professional installers, installation companies and sign shops the ability to sell printed graphics, wraps and signage to end user customers for higher profit margin.