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Benefits of Becoming Lowen Certified

  • Opportunity to join the Lowen Installation Alliance, which awards millions of dollars in contracts annually.
  • Industry recognition in having passed the highest standard of testing in the industry.
  • The only program in the industry where the certification stays with you, not the company.
  • Test for your 3M Preferred Installer™ Designation with the same test as Lowen Certified
  • We will forward your results to 3M for evaluation.
  • Deep discounts on products/printing manufactured by Lowen. Lowen TradeSource™
  • Warranty assistance with 3M. Lowen will assist you in warranty claim situations.
  • Deep discounts on Mac Tools.
  • Tech support via our expert staff.

Benefits of Becoming 3M Preferred

  • The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Designation is the highest awarded certification in the industry and big-name brands are starting to take notice.
  • More clients are asking for 3M Preferred Graphics installers as they understand that those who pass the 3M Preferred Graphics test, are ready for any installation that comes their way.
*3M testing is incorporated within the Lowen Tests, however 3M must approve your application in order for you to get your 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Designation.

Compare Certification

Lowen Certified is a testing and certification program designed by Lowen Corporation to give individual installers a portable, industry recognized certification that proves they have taken and passed the industry's most demanding graphic installation testing.

  Lowen Certified UASG
(United Application Standards Group)
(Professional Decal Application Association)
Fellers Certified
Awards multi-million dollars in installation contracts annually
Testing based on actual install times
No additional purchase required
Supported and endorsed by 3M
Testing doubles as 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation
Instructors are 3M trained and certified for testing
Requires on-site testing
Certifies the individual, not the company
Access to Mac tools at student pricing
No membership fee and/or annual fees required
Offers additional income potential for the installer through our national installation network